These Terms of Use (“Terms”) were last updated on 1st September, 2020.

Nyabazar missions to acquaint reliable courses, developing and improving hard as well as soft skills, providing the best and professional CV/Resumes also providing with most suitable jobs to people. We tend to fulfil all these above given services to people. We require rules to increase and maintain the safety of our platform and services safe for you, us and our community. These terms are applied over all of your activities on Nyabazar site, Nyabazar mobile applications, media platforms and other related services (“Services”).


  1. Accounts
  2. Courses Enrollment and Access
  3. Mentorship Enrollment and Access
  4. Payments, Credits and Refunds
  5. Job Postings and Access
  6. Nyabazar’s Rights to Content the Posts
  7. Using Nyabazar at Your Own Risk
  8. Nyabazar’s Rights
  9. Updating These Terms
  10. How to Contact Us


An account is needed to participate in most of the activities at our platform. Its entirely your responsibility to take care of all the activities involved with your account therefore try keeping your password safe and strong. If you doubt over any sort of unwitting activity from your account, contact us here. While creating an account, make sure all the details that are provided to us are totally accurate, true and legal. All credits of the account belongs to you including any sort of fault occurs whether it is any action been taken from your account with/ without your acknowledgement or permission.

We won’t be able to grant you access to an account even if you request, unless and until you provide us with the accurate information to prove whether you’re the owner or not. In case the user dies, the account created will be closed.

Make sure you don’t share your login credentials with someone else. All the responsibilities of whatever happens in your account is handed over to you and therefore, Nyabazar would not invade between whom the login credentials are been shared with. But we would surely questionnaire for some of the information to make sure that the person opposite the screen is the account owner.

Moving towards the age consent, any student or person aged above 15 years is eligible to create an account and proceed to the corresponding detailed enquiries.

If we find any sort of violation in the above-mentioned rules, we have the right to terminate your account.


All the courses that are being showed here comes under the respective affiliated Company. Therefore, before buying any course, it is mandatory for each single user to go through all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions of that specific Company. We would provide you with the list of courses you are aiming to but the buying, learning and accessing conditions are all applied by the company, so taking a look over it would be beneficial for you and Nyabazar doesn’t take any responsibility of any sort of mis-behavioural activity between you and the course’s company. In case you want a refund after unsatisfactory buying of a course, then Nyabazar isn’t responsible for the same and you have to contact to the Course’ Company itself for the same.

Problems like issues in delivering the courses and all would be a topic between the user and the company, Nyabazar doesn’t take any risk for any inconvenience. In case you face problems regarding payments or any extra queries, you can directly contact the course company.

Sometimes the displayed price may differ from the actual price at the company’s page, users are requested not to make any issue because it would have happened due to late updates; we always try to update it ASAP so you are requested to co-operate for the same.Our main motive is to compare the courses.

Highlighting it again that a proper read of instructions, T&Cs is a must before you proceed to buy any course as further problems would not be entertained by us. It’s totally your responsibility to read the entire rules and regulations of the Course’s Company affiliated with.


  1. ONE TO ONE SESSIONS: The session timings and meeting would be organised between the mentee and the mentor; this must be familiar and similar decision of the mentee and the mentor to proceed. Any problems occurred between the mentee and the mentor would be their responsibility and Nyabazar won’t interfere in these issues, it would be the mentee’s and the mentor’s responsibility to sort out the problems.

  2. WEBINAR: The mentee has to accept the time given to attend the webinar as it would be arranged for the mass and not a single person. Apart from this if you fail to attend any webinar, you will be provided with the link of the missed class at the site itself.

  3. MENTOR/MENTEE: If either of Mentor or Mentee come to us with any sort of mis- behavioural conductance either from the opposite side, it has to be presented with a proper evidence and we may ban them as per the necessities.


  1. The gateway used for the payment would be RazorPay, any issues occurring during the respective transaction is all to be dealt between the user and RazorPay. For a failed transaction, your money would get refunded within 7-10 days.

  2. The coupons that would be gifted would be specified and must be redeemed before the limited time, that is, the last date before it expires. This is your responsibility and after the expiry Nyabazar is not responsible for any sort of disorders.

  3. Again, to be clear RazorPay would be responsible for any failed transaction somehow somewhere and Nyabazar won’t be meddling in this.


  1. Employer companies that would be posting job vacancies onto our portal must have legalities in their vacancies as well as information. In case we find any false or illegal information regarding that particular company, the company would be banned or restricted from our website.

  2. Employee stays with the given job if he possesses all the given requirements of the company successfully, in case he/she is fired from the company then Nyabazar isn’t responsible. Employee takes his own responsibility.


The content that would be posted by any mentor or any course’s company is allowed to be reutilised by us and you do not lose any ownership rights over the same. Make sure you abide by the rules and regulations that are mentioned by the company (in the case of course) and the mentor before you start the programme.

Any sort of suggestions, questions, ideas and complaints you submit to us is allowed to use for improvement in the strategies and the productivity we keep to give, to modify it and edit it in order to make it suitable.

In legal language, the posts that are submitted by the mentors and the affiliated companies are allowed to reutilise in order to promote, publish and advertise onto media platforms as well as for marketing purpose. You represent and warrant that you have all the rights, power, and authority necessary to authorize us to use any content that you submit. You also agree to all such uses of your content with no compensation paid to you.


Anyone can use Nyabazar to compare courses, earn skills, create professional CV/Resumes and get perfect jobs for themselves. Apart from this, if something goes wrong then you accept that you’re using Nyabazar at your own risk. During enrolment in any course you abide by the rules of the company and you continue to the same at your own risk.
We are allowed to share customer data to our partner companies in order to provide profitable results to the customer like as choosing better courses, resumes, jobs, mentors Or lifestyle in future. Therefore, you accept that you don’t have any issues to sharing of your data (if needed) to our partner companies to get what you actually need.
During interaction with the mentors, you must be careful while sharing any personal information to them. Though we restrict the types of information mentor would request from mentees, we do not hold any control to what information is being shared between the mentor and the mentee while the programme. You must not share any sort of personal information that you’re prohibited to and if you do, you do at your own risk.
We provide learning facilities to people from our mentors; therefore, we are not liable for any interaction held between students or any type of claims, losses or damages that may arise during the interaction process.
While you utilise our Services, you may find direct links to other sites, we may not have a control over. We are not liable for the content or any other aspect of these third-party sites, including their collection of information about you. You take your own charge to read everything thoroughly before getting added up to any of these third-party agencies or sites.


We claim rights over our logos, posters, pictures, contents that are being published on our sites as well as our other media platforms; addition to which, you are not allowed to trespass into them or use them without asking for authorization.
We claim rights over our logos, posters, pictures, contents that are being published on our sites as well as our other media platforms; addition to which, you are not allowed to trespass into them or use them without asking for authorization.
You’re not allowed to disrupt in access of any user, sending any virus, overloading or flooding, etc. type of interfering into the Nyabazar Services.


We can update the above-mentioned Terms to clarify our features or to reflect new features, and Nyabazar reserves all the rights in its unique vigilance to make changes in these Terms at any time. If we tend to change any feature, we would notify you using considerable means, such as by mail sent to the mentioned mail account or by posting a notice through our Services. Modifications will become effective on the day they are posted.
Your continued use of our Services after changes become effective shall mean that you accept those changes. Any revised Terms shall supersede all previous Terms.


You’re free to share your views, concerns, feedbacks as well as complaints over any sort of
consignments, also you’re free to ask any kind of questions related our subjects to our respective

mail: nyabazar@nyabazar.com